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Fund A Ticket to Freedom

Farah Ahmad

Imagine being locked up in a cold, concrete cell- a cage of confusion. Silenced by strangers and held fully accountable for unspeakable actions. This is the unfortunate reality of 16 years for Adnan Syed, now 34, accused of murdering former girlfriend Hae Min Lee back in 1999. The launch of Serial, a national podcast, has disrupted the long silence and highlighted critical flaws: to this day, no physical evidence has linked Adnan to the crime. Serial also brought to light wavering testimony from the prosecution team, faulty forensics investigations, and a failure to bring forth key witnesses and testimony. Consequently, a new wave of 'Free Adnan' supporters has arisen across the country and around the world.

New York City based supporters are launching a fundraiser April 19th at The Parlour in upperManhattan and invite you to become a part of the #FreeAdnan rally. 100% of funds will go towards Adnan’s rising defense costs. Saad Chaudry, Adnan’s best friend who was featured on the Serial podcast, will be at the event to speak! Live music, refreshments, and networking will accompany a larger message: the search for criminal justice. Attorney Rabia Chaudry, who has spearheaded Adnan’s defense campaign, urges you to join the efforts. “Millions were moved by Serial and Adnan's story, but we need more than hearts moved - we need tangible support to deliver him the justice he deserves. Adnan has been in prison since the age of 17 and has waited for justice for 16 years. Your monetary gift will help us cover the costs of a thorough investigation and legal fees, help exonerate an innocent man, and reunite a shattered family."

Fundraiser organizers Jia Wertz and Marion Loguidice want to raise awareness of Adnan’s story and illustrate that this is just one wrongful case of many. They want to uphold the “moral responsibility of fighting against these injustices” and encourage the public to engage in this social cause. To “keep this story alive” and “keep the conversation going collectively” Marion says we can share Adnan’s story with others and unveil the tragedy of over 100,000 innocent sitting in jail in the United States.

With the highest incarceration rate in the world, and known precedents of evidence fabrication and exculpatory evidence, the United States court system has wrongfully placed innocent beings in prison for years and even decades on end. “Adnan still sits in a maximum security prison today,” says Jia. “How can one fathom being both innocent and locked up?” With this fundraiser, “we can raise money for Adnan’s trust fund, bring awareness, and show the public that there are many ways to aid this cause.”

Give Adnan a voice. For those who cannot attend but still want to support the cause, you can rock a “Free Adnan” t-shirt. Check out event ticket information and Studio 15’s apparel below.

- To purchase your event ticket, visit *For those who cannot attend, you can make a donation at this link as well! Remember, 100% of funds go towards this cause.

- To request information on the fundraiser and future events, contact Jia Wertz( or Marion Loguidice (

- To purchase a T-shirt, visit: