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Architectural Digest Home Design Show 2015


My personal journal: architecture, travel, current events, New York City, & more.

Architectural Digest Home Design Show 2015

Farah Ahmad

The Architectural Digest Home Design Show was a visual treat for my eyes! The options were endless, the creativity inspiring, and the craft alive. While I would honestly admit the show was more 'commercial' than preferred- there were many imitated trends and replicas- I managed to find true ingenuity in one-of-a-kind, almost 'lost' handiwork.. specialized design that one would not always find marketed so gaudily, but rather humbly displayed. Check out my article at Proud Green Home and scroll below to see photo gallery of show.

As a 'green' advocate, I've written my report on residential wood products, which you can check out at Proud Green Home magazine, by clicking here.

Spotted at the show... Jonathan and Drew Scott of HGTV's Property Brothers!

There were many other products in various categories which I decided I needed to include here. The following products have at least one facet which I felt were truly design-worthy. Bravo to all the designers, craftsmen, and manufacturer representatives who exhibited!

Here are some other products that caught my eye:

- Wonderwall Studios' wide array of exotic wooden walls merge with unique textures for different appearances. The varied 3-D patterns really 'pop' and are an exquisite finish for any space!

-Give your kitchen a retro feel: your refrigerator will literally become a magnet of attention, thanks to Big Chill. On display were vivacious pink, blue, green, and plaid tones. Fume hood, cooktop and oven combinations, some of which are Energy-Star rated, are also available in industrial finishes. 

-JM Lifestyles’ furniture will fool you. The texture of their wood-form will have you doing a double take when you realize that their primarily material is actually concrete! The smooth finish, non-porous and stain-resistant properties of concrete are indeed ideal for kitchen and bathroom areas. Their massive pieces serve to make a statement. On display was a beautifully crafted concrete table with a central water-filled depression, and floating candles to set the mood!

-Martha Sturdy’s home furniture and accessories utilize a playful integration of brass and resin to achieve their elegant pieces. Dark tones of resin, a non-porous and smooth-to-the-touch surface, complement brass nicely to provide a classy and sophisticated style for your home.

-There was no shortage of lighting fixtures at the show. A common trend at the show was tubular lighting. James Dieter has created a flexible, transformable structure that allows for tube lighting in different configurations, and for light to be dispersed in several ways.

- Amongst the big commercial corporations were a treat of independent artists who not only represented their products, but also engaged in the craft themselves! Heather Kocsis creates 3D wood-work paintings that are very accurate, scaled, and detailed depictions of real world settings. These pieces will easily transport you to another world as they are creatively vivid places etched in wood.

-Kino Guerin’s sculpted wooden seating & wall pieces are well crafted. Elegantly curved pieces of wood- I know personally that curving wood is very, very tricky!- create floating space-efficient storage nooks on your wall. Similar styles create playful seating.

-Apropos Furniture has a wonderful Darcy Bed suited for NY apartments. The built in storage compartment is ideal and space-efficient! Simply lift your bed up, to find a fabric-finished storage whose surface finish can be customized to your desire. Deeper frames allow for more recessed storage.

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