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New York, New York
United States of America

Sustainability, Green Ideas, Environment, Networking, Architecture, Engineering, Building Systems, Farah Ahmad, Farah Naz Ahmad


About Farah


Farah did a phenomenal job as student communications project leader for City College’s team in the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon. She mastered the use of conventional and social media to get the word out to the public on the project and proved to be an effective spokesperson who was very poised in making public appearances. I was so impressed with the work she did on the project that she was selected to be part of City College’s annual ‘Great Grads’ salute.”

-Ellis Simon, Director of Public Relations, The City College of New York

“She is a “triple threat” standout. She has a keen intellectual as well as emotional attachment to architecture and lasting good design; hence, her degree in architecture, appointment as chairperson for her school’s AIA Chapter. At least as important, Ms. Ahmad has an acute sense of how to write, and tell a story about things architectural. Thirdly, she has a basic understanding of the inherent marketing-communications value of editorial coverage and public relations, especially important in an increasingly image-conscious, media-saturated world of architectural business.

-William Kent Schoenfisch, Co-founder, President at Schoenfisch Incorporated, New York State

“Farah is an energetic, engaging and personable aspiring architect who I had the pleasure of working with on the CCNY Solar Decathlon Team. Farah is a gifted communicator and excelled at promoting Team NY’s message and Solar Roof Pod’s design attributes to a wide audience throughout the duration of the Solar Decathlon. Her passion for design, alternative energy and CCNY is evident in all she does!”

-Carol Kurth, FAIA, LEED AP, Allied Member ASID

“I have worked with Farah since she was in college and she has shown remarkable creativity and perseverance to accomplish marketing goals for the Solar Decathlon team. Since then she has continued as a valued blogger and has grown as a writer and thought leader in the green building space. This young architect is one to watch! And I’ll be proud to say I knew her way back when.”

-Gary Wollenhaupt, Editorial Director,

Farah Ahmad is a Sustainability Professional in Architecture based in New York City. She is a graduate of the Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture at The City College of New York, graduating with Honors. She is inspired by her network of industry professionals who contribute their knowledge, concern, and passion for the environment towards a greener future for planet Earth. They are design professionals, they are political leaders, they are caring homeowners. Farah believes that each of us, regardless of background, has an opportunity to contribute towards this greater global cause.

What is my story?

Growing up, I was strongly influenced by my father's profession in Mechanical Engineering and Construction Project Management. I have fond memories of visiting construction sites. It was not until the age of 12, however, that I had my first glimpse of construction & real estate development from start to finish. With the construction of our family's vacation home, I truly witnessed a project from conception to construction! Just a few years later, I gained acceptance into a nationally ranked high school, which specializes in Architecture/Engineering. Accepting Architecture as my choice of study, I pursued the five year Bachelor of Architecture program at The City College of New York, and developed the passions that would truly shape my career: a penchant for leadership, advocacy, networking, public speaking, and a strong love for sustainable design in Architecture. Re-launching the American Institute of Architecture Students chapter at my campus and taking on a leadership role for the U.S. Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon, as well as serving as a student leader for a campus-based sustainability organization... these were a few of the experiences that launched my love for the environment, and have helped shape my work ethic and drive today.

What are my career guidelines?

  • Recognizing the importance of sustainability through the awareness of both our built & natural environments- keeping an open mind to interdisciplinary fields.

  • Merging communications, design, construction and project management experience towards the green building industry!

  • Renewable energy sources

  • Sustainable Design (passive first and foremost, followed by an active approach with efficient building systems)

  • Environmental policy and advocacy

Work Experience

I have worked as a government professional in various city agencies throughout New York City, with a specialized focus on renewable energy. 

Informational Exchange Forum/ Your Participation

I created this website to allow me to pass on my knowledge, to spotlight innovative ideas that deserve recognition from which we can learn so much from!, and to learn from YOU: the public, who can educate me so that I may better serve my community through my career! It is my strong hope that, by sharing my observations, you may benefit from, and be inspired by, the wisdom of others! Let us create a global forum of ideas.

Please don't hesitate to shoot me a message. Want to share your stories? I share my stories through a wide social media network on LinkedIn/Twitter/Instagram, so please connect with me here! I have an extensive reach of professionals from all around the world, and use my platform to help shine the spotlight on deserving stories.


I continue to volunteer for and engage with various national and local organizations whose missions support the advancement of the environment.


Building Energy Codes, Sustainable Design & Technologies, Energy Efficiency, Architectural Design, Energy Modeling, Journalism, Project Management, Public Relations & Communications (Networking, Social Media, Event Planning, Marketing), Graphic Design, Photography, LEED Project Training, Technical and Computer Aided Drafting, Graphic Design