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New York, New York
United States of America

Sustainability, Green Ideas, Environment, Networking, Architecture, Engineering, Building Systems, Farah Ahmad, Farah Naz Ahmad


My personal journal: architecture, travel, current events, New York City, & more.

Champion of Choice

Farah Ahmad

As an architect, I've always been most fascinated by the social policy and controversy of my profession. One cannot simply viewing the details through a magnifying lens without stepping back to get a view of the bigger picture. My guilty pleasure? Questioning everything around me. Its simple really, I just love learning about social revolution. As a female minority in my field, I look to others before me who have hit a few road bumps to progress and help lead the way for others...

When I first began reading Champion of Choice by Kathleen Miller, I had no idea what adventures I was about to traverse through. Who knew that one month later, I would have the opportunity, thanks to the American Pakistan Foundation, to meet and converse with this amazingly accomplished female leader. Click the image below to read on and become inspired by her feats!