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LIGHTFAIR International 2015


My personal journal: architecture, travel, current events, New York City, & more.

LIGHTFAIR International 2015

Farah Ahmad

Lightfair International, at the New York City Javits Center, was equipped with high-tech gear all around! Wirelessly connected lighting systems, energy analysis software, and LEDs stole the show. With two wide floors and over 500 exhibitors, one could easily spend hours in a labyrinth of lighting and design technologies. The convention included a learning center with seminars and six pavilions including: Building Integration, Daylighting, Design, Exterior & Roadway Lighting, Global Light + Design, and New Exhibitor. Integrated Design, the thread of the conference, linked together methodology, applications research, technology & tools, and inspiration.

Having worked on lighting myself, of course my fascination gravitated towards the various fixture designs. I saw a range of lighting controls- including dimming options and user-friendly interfaces to tune light intensity, color, etc. Pendant and sleek metallic stems seemed to be a popular fixture choice along the convention floor, suited for both residential and commercial applications. I could not help but notice that LEDs had taken over, by far, this year. Even wall washes (such as those from Amerlux) were LED! Industrial lighting also reclaimed aesthetic features- no longer the 'ugly' metallic eye-sores you normally see on city streets, but rather, tastefully designed components. I was also relieved to see that high bay lighting has been 'granted' aesthetic appeal- YES to slimmer profiles, please!

While there are too many manufacturers for me to cite, I will give you a few of my personal favorites below and within the photo gallery. Browse through, and feel free to shoot a comment below if you need more information on anything pictured.

OCL Architectural Lighting provides beautiful, sleek solutions. 'Dash' is an aluminum strip that can be hung or wall mounted (acting as either a pendant or sconce). 'Glowstick' is a similar aluminum fixture which comes in a cluster of light strips, or can be mounted as a single light source. Both are space efficient, have a high lighting efficacy (with Dash delivering upto 100 lumens/watt), and have a modern aesthetic versatility- it would look amazing in any space in the office or home. Bristolite's Daylighting Systems harness sunlight to flood in natural lighting. Their Energy Star skylights possess a simple design and their structural polycarbonate panels allow for high light transmission. Their products come in a variety of shapes and glazings, in order to suit your needs.

Are you a lighting enthusiast? Does your company engage in lighting design, specification, installation, etc? Catch Lightfair International on the West Coast next year, if you want to stay on top of the newest prototypes. Check out more information here.

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