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New York, New York
United States of America

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My personal journal: architecture, travel, current events, New York City, & more.

I am Licensed: RA!

Farah Ahmad


I am excited to announce to the world that I am a Registered Architect, and have achieved licensure in New York State!

The last 2 years and 6 months of exams have not been easy. However, the fight for these two new letters next to my name is a milestone I have wanted to achieve since I first submitted all those college applications over a decade ago, and filled in 'Architecture' as my choice of study. The road began with the intense Undergraduate degree: I completed a rigorous (and often sleepless!) NAAB Accredited 5 Year Bachelor of Architecture program. I also documented over 5,000 work experience hours for the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards. Next came the exams and evaluation: the grueling process was 3 years, from studying for the initial exam and record review to receiving my issued license number. 

And thus, I completed the big three: Education, Experience, and Exams.

All my fellow Architects understand the anxiety that begins with the weeks leading up to the exam scheduled date, creeps into that restless night prior to an exam, and likely escalates when stepping foot into a Prometric Testing Center. They really know how to get your heart pounding when you get scanned like you're at the airport, before sitting down in front of that white screen! Nevertheless, scattered papers, migraines, restless nights, and indexed textbooks all over the floor are all part of the rite of passage of any aspiring Architect. 

Now that the studying is over, I am excited to use my knowledge in building systems and engineering, project management, construction documents and services, programming, site planning, construction and materials (...and more!) to advance the green building industry! The last six years of professional experience have been incredibly eye opening, as I've been blessed to work for the City of New York, and merge my love for both technical knowledge and advocacy at various government agencies. I want to help design the built environment in the most efficient manner, and I want to publish, and lecture on, my views on energy efficient architecture, based upon my own navigation of the profession. Green building is a unique niche our profession is still embracing and I am excited to be living through this revolution! I want to be a leader, but lead by example.

So, world, I am ready to be inducted into the elite class of Registered Architects.. we are a rare breed, we are a uniquely impactful and influential profession! LETS DO THIS!