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New York, New York
United States of America

Sustainability, Green Ideas, Environment, Networking, Architecture, Engineering, Building Systems, Farah Ahmad, Farah Naz Ahmad

My Personal Journey: EntreArchitect


My personal journal: architecture, travel, current events, New York City, & more.

My Personal Journey: EntreArchitect

Farah Ahmad

Thank you to EntreArchitect for allowing me to share my story on my first ever recorded podcast! What a fun medium with which to express my views on the building industry and the fascinating events, people, and places in the larger environmental context.

Click to listen to the podcast in full here: How to Promote Your Passion to Build a Better World

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2:10 Introduction

3:05 How I Became an Architect: Early Influences

5:40 Solar Decathlon: Inspiration for becoming a Green Architect

8:45 Passion for Communications

9:40 Working for the Public Sector- city government service

11:30 New York City Energy Conservation Code and updates

15:30 Break [featuring EntreArchitect Platform Sponsors]

20:20 Raising Awareness on Climate Change via Eco-Travel

24:15 Social Media and Communications platforms: How to Get the Word Out

27:35 My passion for journalism

29:00 Future aspirations

31:00 My advice: What a small firm Architect can do today to build a better business for tomorrow